Abfallentsorgungs- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb Paderborn
Refuse disposal and city cleansing service, Paderborn

Bulk rubbish in Paderborn

Frequently residents of married quarters within the British housing areas in Paderborn need a bulk rubbish collection, if there is a new unit posted in Paderborn or posted out. Or if you are preparing your garden and terrace for the warmer period a lot of waste will need to be disposed of. The Abfallentsorgungs- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb Paderborn (ASP), which is the waste department of Paderborn city council, can help.

The Workers of ASP will come and collect your old household rubbish, furniture, children's toys, garden-chairs and so on. The collection is at reasonable prices. For example the costs of one garden-chair are about 13,50 €, for a three-seater, two-seater plus chair about 40 - 50 € will be collected. You can put anything with bulk-rubbish what belongs to the household, apart from construction-materials i.e. windows, sinks, toilets etc. and no toxic-waste like batteries, lacquers paint, solvent, thinner etc. Please put the items close to the pavement at 7.00 o'clock in the morning or the afternoon before, when the ASP-lorry comes and collects. Usually we collect bulk-rubbish every week.

Electrical items i.e. a washing-machine or a fridge-freezer does not belong to bulk-rubbish. They can be collected separately at a cost of 13,50 €. But items can also be brought free of charge to both of the asp-recycling-plants:

• An der Talle + Driburger Straße in Paderborn. Watch for the map!

You can also bring free of charge smaller electrical items i.e. a computer or a television unit and other materials for recycling i.e. wooden boards from furniture, cardboard and paper, hedge-cuttings or smaller metal-parts. Mattresses or broken children toys are also accepted there.

For further questions just ask the ASP-service-team, Tel.: 05251 / 88-17 18 or contact your estate-manager.

Recycling quota in Detail