Performance Paderborn

9th international arts fair Paderborn

From the 145 applications received a total of 95 productions were selected. On the one hand quality characteristics played decisive role. On the other hand, however, often had to decide the fate, because the quality of te shows and performances submitted was fortunately high.

Productions by the following artists and groups were selected fom abroad:

Compagnoa degli Sbuffi Italy 
Mistral Italy 
Dansko Gido Ireland 
The Barren Carrousel Ireland 
Lulu Ireland 
Traberproduktionen "Drehdi" "Heinz baut" "Tanztee" Switzerland 
Amontonados por Azar Argentina 
Tato Villanueva Argentina 
Corpus Canada 
Theater rue Pietonne France 
Scott + Muriel France 
Ensemble Escale France 
The Bicycle Ballet Company UK 
Ola Muchin Poland 
The Beat Brothers USA 
La Trocola Circus Spain 
Mr. Dyvinetz Spain 
Vaiven Circo Spain 
Ale Risorio Spain 
CQP Spain 
Bot Project Spain 
Fullstop Acrobatic Theatre Belgium 
Hopla Circus Belgium 
Tukkersconnexion "Der Spiegel" Netherlands
Het mobile Naaiatelier Netherlands
EXOOT Netherlands 
Theater Gajes Netherlands 
Orikadabra Netherlands 
Worldwanderer Netherlands 
Duo Musa Netherlands 
Stiltlife Netherlands

Furthe artists and groups presenting themselves without appearance