Exhibition: The British in Westphalia 1945 - 2017

21st October 2017 - 28th February 2018 - Stadtmuseum Paderborn

┬ęStadt Paderborn

Liberators, occupiers, allies or friends - what exactly are the British for us? How do you actually perceive us? What remains after the decades of living together and living side by side? On both sides there are people who have experienced the occupation and democratization of the region, others celebrated at the first German-British weddings together. Every year people drank a couple of beers at the rifle festivals, they had joint barbecues or debated the future of the Senne. After more than 70 years, the troops of the British military in Westphalia are withdrawn - what will remain are traces of German-British coexistence, which will gradually fade. The memorial cultural project "The British in Westphalia" wants to counteract forgetting: the exhibition illustrates in an impressive way the German-British post-war history of Westphalia.