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With high-profile sporting events and energetic leisure activities, Paderborn is a City on the move. Free time means variety, fun and action. The unique surrounding area, rich natural settings and historical flair are sure to leave a positive impression.

Sports Activities

Paderborn – a city with a sporting spirit

A further „sweetmeat“ for the more active visitors: Paderborn’s surroundings offer the perfect chance to enjoy interesting trips of discovery, enjoyable cycle tours and diverse hikes and walks.

With high-profile sporting events and energetic leisure activities, Paderborn is a city on the move. Over 50 different sports activities and numerous sport clubs and grounds ensure that every need is catered for. Decide for yourself, whether you want to participate actively or enjoy the excitement as a fan. Either way, Paderborn offers a high level of leisure entertainment, which even exceeds Germany’s borders, for instance the International Easter Run.

Thomas FinkeSprint start

As well as trendy sports such as water skiing and baseball (a sport in which Paderborn is triple-German champion) you can also take part in more classical sports. Whatever sport you prefer, you are sure to find active teams to join. The regional sport facilities excellent in football, gliding, squash, athletics, swimming, triathlon and basketball contribute to make sports in Paderborn even more attractive.

Tourist Information Paderborn/Harald MorschCyclists by the Pader Springs

Every day there is always something new to do in Paderborn. As well as inviting parks and green areas, the delightful nearby countryside can be discovered at leisure with the numerous cycle and walking paths. Paderborn alone benefits from 300 kilometres of cycle paths.

Leisure Activities

Tourist Information Paderborn/Chr. BöhningPader Springs

Paderborn - a city of water

The Pader, Germany’s shortest river, has its source in the city centre. From more than 200 springs, the water surfaces at an average rate of 5,000 litres per second. The beautiful area around the Pader springs, right next to the pedestrian zone, invites everyone to linger or take a walk.

Tourist Information PaderbornNeuhaus Castle

Neuhaus Castle

Where the Pader flows into the river Lippe, about 4 km downstream, one of the most beautiful moated castles of the early Weser Renaissance period rises up: Neuhaus Castle. It once was the residence of the Paderborn prince bishops; today, visitors can enjoy the well-groomed Baroque gardens and the adjacent Schloss- und Auenpark. The area, which covers about 42 hectares, is coined by charming meadows created by the rivers Pader, Lippe and Alme.

Tourist Information Padeborn/T. UlonskaLake Lippesee

Lake Lippesee

An excellent network of bike paths and hiking trails running along the rivers, leads to another local recreation area: Freizeitanlage Lippesee. The lake Lippesee is a paradise for all people who like aquatic sports like sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing. A wide range of activities that do not involve water are also available. There are, for instance, a miniature golf course, a trail for mountainbiking, beach volleyball fields and a skating park. 

Archiv Kreismuseum WewelsburgWewelsburg Castle

Wewelsburg Castle

In the Paderborn surroundings, there are interesting historical sites and natural monuments to be explored: The castle Wewelsburg with its striking triangular shape is a landmark of the Paderborn region. It was built in the 17th century and was a secondary residence of the Paderborn prince bishops. Today, the castle houses the Historical Museum of the Archdiocese Paderborn, the permanent exhibition “Wewelsburg 1933-1945 - Ideology and Terror of the SS”, and a youth hostel.

Kloster Dalheim/Andreas Lechtape, MünsterKloster Dalheim

Dalheim Monestary

Dalheim Monastery on the edge of the Egge Mountains has a long and eventful history. It is remarkable that the site has been almost completely preserved. Today, the building houses the Westphalian Museum of Monastery Culture.

Landesverband Lippe/KöllnerHermann Monument

Hermann Monument

The Hermann Monument (Hermannsdenkmal) near Detmold towers above the landscape of the Teutoburg Forest. It commemorates the battle of the year 9 AD when the German leader Hermann the Cheruscan prevented any further advances of the Romans into German territory for all times. The region surrounding the monument is also known as an attractive hiking area (Hermansweg).

W. PetersExterrnsteine

On the Southeastern edge of the Teutoburg Forest, near Horn-Bad Meinberg, the impressive Externsteine rise up. This natural monument comprises 13 sandstone rocks that have been shaped through weathering.

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