Clean City Paderborn

ASP is working from early in the morning until night to keep Paderborn a clean and proper city. So our citizens and visitors find Paderborn a tidy and pretty place to visit and live.

So ASP will clean the roads, paths and places inside the builded areas, except those, the adjoining owner is obliged to maintain.
So we do the lanes, the bicycle-ways and the pedestrian-shopping- precinct in Paderborn, which are about 900 kilometers. They are swept from our cleaning-mashines weekly or even more often in the center of Paderborn.

Shared duties with the adjoining owners

If you are estate-owner in Paderborn or are obliged by your house-owner, you have to clean the pavement in front of your house till the kerb. You shall do the cleaning weekly or if necessary. The sweepings, dust and foliage have to be treated as if they come from your own estate, so please put them in your dust- or biobin.