Paderborn has a long tradition as a centre for education. Today, the University of Paderborn is geared towards the information society.

The University of Paderborn, with its School of Applied Computer Sciences, is one of the best in Germany.
The Theological Faculty, which was founded in 1614 by Dietrich von Fürstenberg, is the oldest university in Westphalia. A regionally significant collection of paintings, kept in the rooms of the Faculty, recalls the period of promoterism and of the Archdiocese Paderborn.
Today, there are four more universities with a total number of 22,000 students which constitute about a seventh of the city population.
Of course, there are also schools for further education and training, vocational schools, the Education Centre for IT Professions, and the large training centres at Benteler and Siemens.
The efficient and interdisciplinary cooperation between training, science and economy shape Paderborn as a business location. The Paderborn Labs are a successful example of such innovative research cooperation. The “Zukunftsmeile Fürstenallee” is a centre for research and development of innovations in products and production.

Stadt PaderbornUniversity of Paderborn

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