Collection dates

Residual waste or bio-waste container? Will the paper bin be emptied tomorrow as well? Many people know this problem. We will gladly assist you.

For the collection of your household waste, we have developed a collection plan, arranged according to residential areas and streets of houses. You can count on our regular collection. If the collection must be made on a different day due to a holiday, however, there are times when a special collection date is arranged. Usually, this will be the following Saturday on the same week.


Would you like to display or print out your personal collection dates?

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Important notices

Please put the bins out only at 7.00am on the collection day, at the edge of the road, and bring them back in again onto your property shortly after emptying.

In many streets we operate with automatic waste lorries. The bins are to be placed in a Special position with the lid going to the street and the handle going back to the house, watch for the position in your street and put same coloured bins in pairs together and not behind parking cars.

The dates shown do not apply to residual waste from large residential buildings and industrial undertakings that dispose of their waste in 1,100 litre containers. These containers are carried away according to agreement. As a rule, these containers must not be placed at the side of the road; they are taken from their position and brought back by ASP employees.

Further information

You will also find an overview of dates for the entire year in our waste calendar (in German only!), which is distributed to all households each year.