The paper-bin

Close to your house there are several coloured bins for waste separation and recycling. Now let us focus on the Paperbin, which helps us in Paderborn to get along with waste-paper and cardboard.

How to dispose of waste-paper in Paderborn

Matthias GroppeThe paper bin for newspapers, magazines and cardboard

In every household, on each estate and in your company, there can be a large amount of old paper, like newspapers, magazines, catalogues, old books and all kind of wrapping papers and plenty of cardboard. This material is a valuable resource and can easily be recycled. The process of waste-paper-recycling begins with the special collection in the Paperbin, next is the process of sorting the different paper and cardboard qualities, and a recycling operation in which the paper and cardboard is completely dissolved in the water of several paper-mills, where recycled paper and cardboard is made from it. The recycling of waste-paper is a world-wide-market, because many of the packaging from exporting countries is made from recycled paper and cardboard, which have their origin in waste-paper from Germany.

This world-wide proceeding starts with your collection of
• newspapers
• magazines, catalogues, telephone-books
• old books, paper books
• wrapping paper
• cardboard in the Paperbin,
that is the one with the blue lid.
In some areas in Paderborn (Am Heilandsfrieden, Lahrkampstraße, Uhlandstraße, where are flats) we also collect waste-paper in larger waste-paper-containers, which stand in special compounds with the rubbish-containers.

And there is also the possibility to bring waste-paper free-of-charge to the ASP Recycling-Points at Driburger Straße and An der Talle.