The Yellow-bin

Recycling bin for plastic and metal

Stadt PaderbornThe Yellow bins are for collection of plastic and metal packaging

The yellow bag as a recycling system was introduced in Germany some 20 years ago.
Since 2016 we got yellow bins. There you can collect all plastic waste. Additional you can give all smaller metal parts, tin cans and so on in the bins. The material should be as clean as possible to avoid smell or vermin inside or around the yellow bins.

You should place your yellow bins in a shady and well ventilated area around your house. Put the bins out to the street for next collection, which takes place every four weeks (see calendar). At the ASP-recycling courts "Driburger Straße" and "An der Talle", well sorted yellow bags are still accepted free of charge. There you can also get another roll of yellow bags for 2,50 €.