Disposal of bulk rubbish

After such a long time, you want to part with your sofa? Have you cleaned out your basement and don't know where to put all that stuff? One call and ASP will come to you.

Bulky, cumbersome and much too big for the bin!

This is how the ASP collection service works:

  • You can look up the possible times and order the collection directly on the page. Or you can make an appointment with us by telephone. Normally, we come to you within one week.
Christoph Leniger Fotografie GmbH PaderbornASP bulky waste collection: quick and reliable!
  • Put the bulk waste out at 7.00 am on the arranged collection day, at the side of the road or in the house driveway
  • ASP will collect your bulk waste during the collection day.
  • You then receive an invoice on the quantity of waste collected. The charges are calculated by time and quantity. The rates are: 40.00 € for 5 min collection, 55 € for 10 min, 65 € for 15 min and 100 € for 20 min collection time.

What counts as bulky waste?
Discarded household objects and old furniture is bulky waste, but not construction waste such as toilets or basins, room doors, scrap or rubble. By Bulk rubbish collections of over 10 m³, bulk rubbish from firms or the complete contents of a houshold please contact the waste advisory.
What about small bulky waste?
Small bulky waste is also taken along when emptying the grey garbage bins. The condition is that it cannot be bigger than 70 x 70 x 100 cm or weigh more than 25 kg and must either be labelled with a bulky waste prepaid card or be packed into an urban garbage bag. Bulky waste prepaid cards and garbage bags cost 4 € a piece and can be bought from various points of sale.

You can also bring small, single pieces of bulky waste to the recycling yard on Driburger Strasse. Single pieces cost 4 € a piece. You can dispose of up to maximum car boot per day for 12.00 € (Limousine) 18.00 € (Convertible) and 38.00 € for Van or Transporter < 2,8t.

Transporting bulky waste themselves

Anyone transporting bulky waste themselves can deliver this waste to the central disposal site Alte Schanze in Paderborn-Elsen for a small Charge: www.ave-kreis-paderborn.de (opens in a new tab)