Disposal of garden waste

A beautiful garden needs tending. But where to take the cut grass, clippings, hedge trimmings and autumn foliage? We take everything that you cannot compost yourself because it is too bulky or won't fit into the bio-waste container anymore.

Here is where you can get rid of your garden waste:

ASPYou can bring garden waste to the recycling yards

You can bring small quantities, of up to one car boot full, to the recycling yards "An der Talle" and "Driburger Strasse" or to the central disposal site Alte Schanze free of charge. Larger quantities are only accepted at the central disposal site Alte Schanze for a small charge.

If you like, we can come to you. Up to a quantity of 8 m³, we collect green cuttings such as tree loppings and hedge trimmings.

You can dispose of larger quantities than 8 m³ at the local market gardens. Those who can transport it themselves can also take larger quantities of green cuttings to the central disposal site Alte Schanze: www.ave-kreis-paderborn.de (opens in a new tab)

How the ASP pick-up service works:

Stadt Paderborn
  • You can look up the possible times and order the collection directly on the page. Or you can make an appointment with us by telephone. Normally, we come to you within one week.
  • Put the green cuttings out at 7.00am on the arranged collection day, at the side of the road or in the house driveway.
  • ASP will collect your green cuttings during the collection day.
  • You then receive an invoice on the quantity of waste collected, the sum of which is calculated as follows:
    For up to 10 min of collection time and with a branch Diameter <10 cm, single charge of 40 €, over 10 min up to 20 min and with a branch diameter <10 cm,
    single charge of 60 €.